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Halloween 2017 Packing & Deliveries

Packing -- Thank you to Valley Baptist Mom Life & Mom Life K-8 ministries for helping us pack so many gifts!

Halloween Preparations have begun as we put together and pray over 490 families that we will reach this year that are spending Halloween in the hospital. Gifts are going to all local Bakersfield hospitals, Children's of Central California Madera, Children's of Los Angeles, Cedars Sinai, UCLA, Henry Mayo and Ronald McDonald Houses located in Bakersfield, Madera and Los Angeles. 🎃❤

A huge THANK YOU to so many who have supported and donated to our Foundation. "Joyful Seams" did a beautiful job on all the NICU hats again this year - I encourage you all to check out their shop on Etsy. That woman truly has a heart for the families we touch and is such a huge support, and let's face it - makes some adorable beanies!!


Today was a special day delivering gifts in memory of my son to hundreds of families spending Halloween in the hospital with their child. Reminding them that no matter how broken their hearts, how heavy the pain, or what the outcome - that there is always HOPE! Hope in Jesus!

Don't know what it was about today, but two instances truly ripped the bandaid off and I had to fight back the tears. The first was seeing a Mom at her darkest crying next to her child's bed. Knowing the depth of her heartache and the fear she felt. And remembering when I too stood in those shoes and the knife twisting in my chest. When she turned and looked at me to say "thank you" when I told her that "I was praying for her and that she could do this." Emotions flooded me.

And then again when walking through one of the NICU's where usually the babies are sleeping to see one baby laying quietly awake and look over at me as I placed the Halloween beanie on the counter next to it. The way this baby looked at me....for a moment....made me flash back to my son. I felt for a second as if he was so close I could just reach out and grab him again. And the pain hit again how much I miss him. And even though the days in the NICU were some of my hardest, how I yearn to have those days back with my son.

To have the opportunity to bring a little light into those burdened hearts today - well there is just no greater blessing. Thank you to everyone who has donated to make today possible; to the many nurses and doctors who fight alongside the families everyday; and to my amazing friends who are more like sisters that continue to walk alongside me through Action For Austin. I pray today that even one heart was reached with the Hope and Love of Jesus! That they hear my son's story and find the strength to continue.

Love you to the moon and back Austin.

#halloween #packing #delivery

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