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Journal - July 28, 2012

Baby - Went out to visit you again today. Uncle Bob and Aunt Jenni were out visiting you too. Uncle Bob was hanging a baby shoe Aunt Jenni bought you in the tree next to you. I can see the hurt in them - they miss you too. The sky is clear today and the breeze is wonderful. I prayed to God again to give my baby boy a hug and to tell you I miss and love you. I wonder if you know how much I love and miss you. I wonder if you know when I am there visiting. I keep looking for any sign - but I know lead by faith, not by sight. Today was a rough day. My insides hurt even more than usual. If you can my son - give Grandma extra kisses and hugs, she needs them. I pray God gives us the strength to face each day. I don't know how I am going to live without you. Momma

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